Comprehensive CME Accredited Online Neurotoxin & Filler Training Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Upon completion of the comprehensive, 10-module Neurotoxin and Filler Bundled Course, practitioners will earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. If desired, the 5-module neurotoxin and filler courses can be purchased à la carte and will earn practitioners AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.
Yes, you can purchase the comprehensive Neurotoxin or Filler courses individually. If you purchase either the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond bundled package, you can still take the Neurotoxin and Filler courses separately – and at your own pace – as CME credits are awarded after each individual course.
Yes, you will receive an official certificate of completion after each course indicating the total number of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ earned.
Yes. If you purchased the Platinum or Diamond package of the 10-module Neurotoxin and Filler Bundled Course , you will receive access to downloadable materials that will empower you to quickly and effectively integrate injectables into your own practice.

However, regardless of which package you purchase, each course comes with additional recommended reading materials – including third-party articles. As a member of Seiler Skin Aesthetic Institute, you also will have the ability to return to any of the module sections for review or additional clarity.
The Diamond membership for the Neurotoxin and Filler Bundled Course comes with a one-hour phone or online video discussion with Dr. Seiler to ask follow-up questions. You can even present patients to him to inquire about his treatment recommendations.

Unfortunately, Dr. Seiler cannot accommodate individual discussions with non-Diamond members. In addition to seeing patients daily at Seiler Skin, Dr. Seiler dedicates all his available time and resources to developing valuable, supplemental training content (e.g., webinars, group discussions, Q&A sessions, etc.) to support his online comprehensive Neurotoxin and Filler courses. He also has immersed himself in creating his next comprehensive online training course – stay tuned for more information!
The top concern we’ve heard from other practitioners who’ve taken other online or hands-on training courses is that they only are shown how to treat a limited number and type of patient.

This is why we focus heavily on demonstrating injection treatments across a wide range of patients (various ages, ethnicities, genders, skin types, and concerns) in the lecture, whiteboard, and clinical sections of each module. We fully understand the importance and value of increasing your confidence and proficiency in treating any type of patient you may encounter in your own practice.

If you anticipate having follow-up questions, or would gain value from asking Dr. Seiler for his opinion on treating specific patients, we recommend purchasing Diamond Membership for the Neurotoxin and Filler Bundled Course. This will provide you with a one-hour phone or online video discussion with Dr. Seiler to ask questions and even present patients to him for discussion.

We also advise that you follow us on LinkedIn, where we will periodically post answers to commonly asked questions, videos featuring new treatment demonstrations, and more.
Our online Neurotoxin and Filler Training courses are extremely comprehensive and designed to empower practitioners of all experience levels with the confidence and proficiency needed to safely and effectively treat any type of patient and/or concern.

However, this is not a guarantee that after completing our course(s) practitioners new to cosmetic injections will be able to comfortably treat every patient they may encounter. As you will learn in our trainings, cosmetic injections are complex and have associated potential complications. For some practitioners, additional hands-on injection training may be required. For others, these courses will provide everything they need (and more) to begin offering these services.

For highly experienced practitioners, our online trainings will take their skillsets to the next level by learning a better way to assess the patient/face, as well as by learning Dr. Seiler’s advanced injection techniques. Experienced practitioners likely will be able to immediately implement these philosophies and techniques into their own practices. As with any training (online or hands-on), much is dependent on the practitioner themselves.